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Sexual Health Testing in Calahorra

Better2Know’s fast, confidential STI testing service is available in Calahorra. We have same or next-day appointments, so that you can get tested quickly. Our expert team of sexual health advisors are available on the phone, we will listen to your concerns, help you choose the most appropriate test or screen for your needs, and book your private appointment.

Once you have arrived at our private Calahorra sexual health clinic, you will be seen by an experienced clinician. Your samples will be collected swiftly and efficiently before being sent to our accredited laboratory for fast, accurate testing. You will receive your results within one to five working days following the receipt of sample at the laboratory, the time depends on which STI tests you choose. Better2Know’s friendly advisors will contact you once all your results are ready to report. You can also keep track of your results as they become available through your secure patient area. Simply log in with the details your we will provide upon confirming your booking. The map below will help you find your nearest sexual health clinic in Calahorra.

Our clinics in and around Calahorra:

STI and HIV Testing in Calahorra

Unprotected sex increases your personal risk of catching an STI; moreover, some infections only require skin-to-skin contact to result in transmission. Symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection may also not always be present, which means you could pass on an STI to your partner without either of you knowing.

To protect your health, and that of any future sexual partners, you should always use a condom for sexual contact including oral, anal or vaginal intercourse. You should also get tested regularly and for a range of sexually transmitted infections. This will help ensure no STI goes undetected as this could trigger further health complications such as infertility. The earlier you get treated, the less your system will suffer irreversible damage.

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Book your anonymous STI and HIV testing appointment in Calahorra today by phoning Better2Know on the number listed above. Alternatively, our online booking system enables you to arrange your confidential sexual health test now; simply select the Book Now button above.