If you have a problem with your thyroid, you may have recently experienced unexpected weight loss or weight gain in a short period of time. This is typically caused by an abnormal creation of thyroid hormones. A thyroid disorder can range from harmless to life-threatening cancer, and the only way to completely understand the issue is to get tested.

While you may initially be surprised to find you have gained or lost a significant amount of weight, it is important to consider why that may have happened. With Better2Know's thyroid test, comprehensive thyroid test, and iron test, you can discover exactly what is happening with your health. We can help you decide what may be causing your sudden weight loss or weight gain and help you get better control over your overall health.

Better2Know Weight and Metabolic Health Tests

How to Know if Your Weight Gain/Loss Was Due to Your Thyroid?

You may have an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) if you notice sweating more, losing a significant amount of weight quickly, or feeling like your heartbeat has become faster. If you have noticed gaining a significant amount of weight, it may be because you have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). Symptoms of a hypoactive thyroid can include feeling cold, having a slower heartbeat, fatigue, or muscle cramps.

What Causes a Weight Change?

In general, weight change can be caused by increased or decreased exercise and a slight caloric intake or deficit. You can healthily lose about one or two pounds (0.5 to 1.0kg) a week when intentionally losing weight, but you should not lose or gain weight too quickly. While it is natural to have your weight fluctuate a few kilos, a sudden large increase or decrease in weight may also cause concern. The best way to ensure you are healthy is to get tests done to check your thyroid.

How Do You Test Metabolic Health?

Metabolic health is predominantly tested with blood samples. At Better2Know, you can get your sample taken by a healthcare professional at one of our Spain wide clinics. Once the sample has been taken, it will be sent off to an accredited lab to get tested. You will be able to receive your results shortly after.

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