Women’s health can be complicated. At Better2Know we know this and are here to help you. With many possible conditions, diseases, and hormonal issues, it can be difficult for women to know what is going on with their bodies. That is why regular women’s health testing is so important. A women’s health test can help you figure out exactly what is wrong and help you identify health concerns early on.

Regularly checking up on your cardiovascular health and hormone levels can help you be better prepared to deal with any arising issues. Better2Know has six different women’s health tests that can help you understand your body. If you want a comprehensive overview of your health and wellness, get the 'well woman screen' or 'senior female wellness'.

Better2Know Women's Health Tests

Why Are Women's Health Tests Important?

Women's health tests are important because they help identify health concerns before they become serious. Testing your hormonal balance is also an important part of women's health. This is because an imbalance of hormones can cause many unwanted symptoms like acne, weight gain, heavy periods, and fatigue; as well as more serious problems like cancer or heart disease.

There are many times when women’s bodies will have significant hormonal changes. For example, women experience hormone changes when entering puberty, during pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause. Getting health tests such as hormone tests can help ensure you are healthy and your hormones are correctly balanced during these times. Those interested in learning about the hormones in their body should get the 'female hormone screen'.

When Should Women Get Health Tests?

Women should get general health tests that provide an extensive overview every one to three years. By getting a 'well woman screen', you can see if your kidneys, liver, and heart are functioning correctly. You can even check other aspects that affect your health, such as your glucose levels and blood count. With a general health test, you can relax, knowing your body is functioning as it should. A screening test can also show if you have any issues or need to make any changes to your lifestyle.

Other women's health tests, such as pregnancy tests and menopause screening, should be done when you notice pregnancy symptoms or symptoms of menopause. For instance, you should take a pregnancy test if you have missed your period and are under the age of 45. Likewise, if you have hot flushes or other symptoms of menopause, you should get a menopause test.

What Health Tests Should Women Get?

Common tests that women should get throughout their lifetime include menopause screening (over the age of 45), hormone replacement therapy, hormone screening, pregnancy tests, and overall wellness tests.

Tests including the 'Well Woman Screen', 'Senior Female Wellness', and 'Female Hormone Screen' can be taken at any time to understand your overall wellness. Better2Know also has case-specific tests like the 'Pregnancy Test', 'Menopause Screen', and 'Hormone Replacement Therapy Test'. These tests can help you get a better idea of your overall health and help you understand what is happening with your body.

All these tests are offered by Better2Know. With Better2Know clinics all across Spain, you can easily access these tests and put any lingering questions about your health to rest.

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