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Sexual Health Testing in Zafra

Better2Know’s private Zafra sexual health clinic provides confidential and anonymous STI testing for a wider range of infections. These include HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Herpes and many others. When getting tested for sexually transmitted infections, you should select a more comprehensive testing option to ensure no STI goes undetected. Our exclusive sexual health screens are designed by medical experts, and combine tests to give you a comprehensive view of your STI status.

Better2Know are here to help you take control of your sexual health; we will help you get the tests you need at an appointment time that is convenient for you. Same-day or next-day appointments are available at our Zafra STI clinic, enabling you to arrange your confidential appointment for a time and date that suits your busy schedule.

Our clinics in and around Zafra:

STI and HIV Testing in Zafra

Better2Know makes getting and STI and HIV test completely confidential. We do not need your real name to book appointment. Our team of experienced clinicians will quickly collect your samples making the testing as easy and simple as possible.

Depending on which test you choose, you will receive your confidential results within one to five working days of your sample arriving at our fully certified laboratory. Better2Know will contact you once all your results are ready to report, or you can view them at any time through your patient area. Simply log in with the details your Better2Know advisor will provide upon confirming your booking.

Book your STI testing in Zafra

Better2Know’s sexual health advisors are highly trained to give the support and guidance you need. Speak to an expert advisor now by phoning the number provided at the top of the page. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, you can arrange your sexual health test in Zafra now by clicking the Book Now button above.