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Sexual Health Testing in Seville

Better2Know has private sexual health testing clinics in Sevilla offering a high quality service. Our clinics are staffed by qualified clinicians who are friendly and discreet, and who will see you promptly at your appointment.

Our clinics in Sevilla offer a wide variety of STD and STI tests, including tests for HIV. They are open 6 days a week and offers a wide range of times at which you can book your appointment.

Please see the map below for the clinic locations.

Our clinics in and around Seville:

STI STD and HIV Testing in Seville

Better2Know brings you the most sensitive and accurate STI tests available on the market to ensure that you can be fully confident in your test results. We have a wide variety of tests and screens which have been validated by our medical experts. With Better2Know you can choose any individual STI test or combination of tests that best suit your needs. We can test for HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B and C and many other STI’s and STD’s.

Your testing is completely anonymous, and you do not have to give your real name when you book your appointment or at your clinic in Sevilla.

You will receive your test results quickly, as soon as they have been validated by our medical staff. You will be notified that your results are ready by your choice of phone, SMS or email. You can then log into your personal patient area of our website and view all your test results. Should you test positive, Better2Know will arrange any necessary treatment or referral for you.

Book your STD or HIV test in Sevilla

Click on the book now button or call one of our discreet and highly trained advisors today. You can confidentially discuss your sexual health concerns and they can assist you with your queries about STI testing. Your advisor will help you to select the appropriate STI test or screen for you and will arrange an appointment at a conveniently locatedclinic in Sevilla. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so contact us today to arrange a booking.